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  • Stress Pak

    Stress Pak is specifically formulated to reduce an excessive rate of metabolism or oxidation rate. It contains a special combination of freeze-dried ovary and adrenal gland nucleoprotein with important synergistic nutrients. Glandular products contain enzymes and polypeptides which support the central nervous system, thyroid and glandulars.
  • Megapan – Endomet

    Megapan is a multiple vitamin-mineral product for slow oxidizers. Megapan stresses those nutrients which correlate well with those effecting one’s metabolic rate. These nutrients include the B-complex, particularly B1, B3, B3 and B6. Other important nutrients in Bio-Multi are vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese, zinc and chromium. Other nutrients are present in trace quantities.
  • Omega 3

    This product contains fish oils that are rich in two long-chain fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Fatty acids of the omega-3 family stimulate production of the prostaglandin 3 series. One Softgel Contains Calories 9.0 Calories from Fat 9.0 Total Fat 1 gram * Saturated Fat 240 mg * Monounsaturated Fat 200 mg * Polyunsaturated Fat 400 mg * EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 180 mg * DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 120 mg * Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids                 240mg (From menhaden cold water fish)
  • Endo-Veggies – Endomet

    Endo-Veggies is a freeze-dried concentrate of vegetables to enhance the overall dietary intake of vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes and other phyto-chemical nutrients found in vegetables.