Hair analysis, 7 step programme plus PRACTITIONER support


A full hair mineral analysis graph, report and summary letter, combined with a bespoke supplement plan and result progress summary put together by New Energy 21. These programs are designed and priced to offer full initial support and  guidance to explain the plan, results and documents, but thereafter light email support until your next hair analysis retest. (every 4/5 months to monitor progress).  Once ordered an easy to follow hair test kit will be sent in the post.


You will receive the following:

  • your hair analysis results of 16 minerals and 5 major toxins
  • an email report fully explaining your results – 30-40 pages long
  • a bespoke supplement programme
  • a 7 step development interactive document
  • practitioner notes document pointing out the main hair analysis result findings, comments about your current diet, lifestyle with areas for improvement and how your symptoms may relate to your results or 1 x 30 minute consultation.
  • 30 minutes email support
  • Access to an ongoing and popular client support group

Once you have ordered then a kit will be sent to you with full clear instructions on how to take the sample and how to send the kit to the lab.


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