Dog, cat or horse hair mineral analysis


Pet hair mineral analysis graph report measuring 10 minerals and 5 heavy metals. Practitioner advice also given.


Hair mineral analysis is a wonderful way of getting accurate readings of mineral and toxins being eliminated from the body. This test is very popular for alternative medicine practioners to be able to advise the correct mineral supplements for people but can also be used by pet owners to establish what their pet needs in the way of extra nutrients, and to also get an insight into their level of toxic metals, which may affect their health and well being.

The test report measures the levels of 10 minerals and 5 heavy metals in the hair and also calculates 6 mineral ratios of the hair. Included with the report is a taylored supplement programme for your pet, which usually includes 3 to 4 low dose targetted supplements, but also includes a few notes from the practitoner of extra advice.


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